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Dear everybody,

       Welcome you to my private website. Please spend a little of your time to walk around to join and share my happiest moments.  Here you'll know all about me: my interests and hobbies, the people in my family, and more...

      As you can see from the title, my name is called LinHeYu,my Japanese name is Kazuhiro. I was born in Johor,Malaysia on a beautiful Sunday evening. Everybody said that i'm very active and naughty. I have two young happy parents, dad is Pierce Lin Ginn Haur, mom is Nancy Le Thi Thu Hien. So do come back for more update about me.


Cute Lin He Yu

Beginning of Baby Book

I am so very special
I have been from the start
Before they held me in their arms
My family held me in their hearts
And like a single drop of rain
That on still waters fall
My life and love will ripples make
And touch the lives of all
So read this precious story
As step by step I grow
I am a special blessing and gift
As each page here will show.

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